This topic demonstrates how to connect TFA dostmann Nexus wireless weather station (datasheet) to carambola and to upload data to remote server. Other weather stations that possible can be supported (but not tested): Hideki, Nexus, Mebus, Irox, Honeywell, Cresta TE923, TE923W, TE821W, WXR810, DV928, TE831X, IROX PRO-X USB

This USB device is recognized as:

Product ID: 0x6801
Vendor ID: 0x1130 (Tenx Technology, Inc.)

tfa_dosman_nexus.jpg carambola_nexus.jpg

Live data demonstration

All data streams can be found here, or plain text CSV data


Windows software

Software, that comes prepacked with weather station is only for windows. Although it works nice, it lacks some features. I will not discuss about it further, in case somebody want's to try original windows software can be downloaded here

Testing on Linux PC

  • Main development is here, but link is down, so you can get archive 0.4v directly (local copy if you like). Original software was downloaded from here
  • Some original notes about software
  • Download archive, extract and build it (you need to install libusb-dev in advance). After this you should remove HID support. (details here). After you run program with no keys, you should see output like this:
user@linux:/tmp# sudo te923con
  • For more details how to use program type
te923con -h
  • Error messages:

Error while setting configuration (-1) - you are not root

Error while setting configuration (-16) - probably HID driver is still running. Remove with sudo rmmod usbhid

Getting Embedded

  • To install package to Carambola type:
opkg install
  • To test if it works type:
te923con -p
  • te923tool sources (as package to carambola build system) to download
  • Create feed which looks like in this screenshot:

  • Data meaning
T0    - temperature from internal sensor in C
H0    - humidity from internal sensor in % rel
T1..5 - temperature from external sensor 1..4 in C
H1..5 - humidity from external sensor 1...4 in % rel
PRESS - air pressure in mBar
UV    - UV index from UV sensor
FC    - station forecast, see below for more details
    0 - heavy snow
    1 - little snow
    2 - heavy rain
    3 - little rain
    4 - cloudy
    5 - some clouds
    6 - sunny
STORM - stormwarning; 0 - no warning, 1 - fix your dog 
WD    - wind direction in deg; 0 -> north
WS    - wind speed in m/s
WG    - wind gust speed in m/s
WC    - windchill temperature in C
RC    - rain counter (absolute value) in mm
  • It is easy to setup all job as single line
  te923con -p >/tmp/pachube2.json; curl  -X PUT -d @/tmp/pachube2.json -H "X-PachubeApiKey: --------API_KEY--------" -v
  • After quick test if it works, you can setup linux schedule to run every minute.
root@OpenWrt:/tmp# crontab -l
# Minute   Hour   Day of Month       Month          Day of Week        Command    
# (0-59)  (0-23)     (1-31)    (1-12 or Jan-Dec)  (0-6 or Sun-Sat)                
    *       *           *             *               *                te923con -p >/tmp/pachube2.json; curl  -X PUT -d @/tmp/pachube2.json -H "X-PachubeApiKey: --------API_KEY--------" -v


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