Do everything as non-root user!

Install packages to your PC

sudo apt-get install subversion g++ ncurses-term zlib1g-dev gawk flex patch openssh-server minicom picocom tftp tftpd gettext libncurses5 libncurses5-dev unzip quilt git git-doc git-gui 

Get latest sources

git clone carambola
cd carambola

Get older revision

For some reason you might wish to get older source revision. To see available tags execute these commands:

git tag -l

You should see something like this


In order to get older version, type this command (but this should be rare case)

git checkout carambola/v1.0

Stable version

At this point (2012-11-11) stable version is carambola/v2.3-rc4. To get this version type command:

git checkout carambola/v2.3-rc4

More packages

Edit file:

vi feeds.conf.default 
src-git packages git://
#src-git luci
src-git luci src-git git://
#src-svn packages svn://
src-svn xwrt
#src-svn luci
#src-svn phone svn://
#src-svn efl svn://
#src-svn xorg svn://
#src-svn desktop svn://
#src-svn xfce svn://
#src-svn lxde svn://
#src-link custom /usr/src/openwrt/custom-feed


./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

I suppose you would also like to add luci.

Build image

If you wish you can change kernel settings, but at this time skip this step.

make kernel_menuconfig


make menuconfig

You should see configuration window like this:

Let's leave everything untouched for now and and exit.



for standard building procedure or

make -j 2

if you want to use more than 1 thread and you have more than 1 CPU core on your system. This process takes long time (it took ~1 hour on 4 core machine) or

make V=99

if you need or want to see more details.

You should see build log like this:

Or if you feel really advanced, you can get email notification upon completing build proces. For this you need to install and configure email client. After you are done, type this long command:

date > /tmp/text.txt; make -j 2 >> /tmp/text.txt; date >> /tmp/text.txt; mail -s "done" < /tmp/text.txt

If you wish to observe current progress on computer, type in another console

tail -f /tmp/text.txt

Remaining steps


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