Lima has 802.11N 2x2 radio supporting up to 300 Mbps data-rate and comes in two versions: commercial or industrial temperature.

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Lima is a QCA 4531 chipset based module with a 650 MHz CPU and 802.11N 2x2 (MIMO) radio. Module is available in two temperature ranges: commercial* (Lima) and industrial** (Lima-I).

Lima is a surface mountable, dual-sided, Wi-Fi enabled Linux module for the (IoE) internet of everything applications.

Faster CPU, 300 Mbps data-rate, low power consumption, larger 32 MB flash memmory and a development kit with more interfaces (e.g. PCIe) are the key differentiators from Carambola2 module.

OpenWRT linux distribution source code is available on GitHub and is supported by our growing community on forum.

*Commercial temperature range: 0-65°C, **Industrial temperature range: -40-85°C

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QCA4531, 650 MHz
32 MB Flash and 64 MB DDR2 RAM
2.4 GHz
Max output power
20 dBm
Wireless standard
802.11 bgn
3 dBi ceramic chip antenna
Power supply
3.3 V, max power consumption 3.1 W
Available interfaces
USB 2.0 host, serial port, 2 x Ethernet (100 Base-T), PCIe, GPIO
25 by 35 mm

Development board details

1 - 2 x 100 Base-T Ethernet ports
2 - Mini USB Type-A socket (console + power)
3 - USB Type-A socket
4 - Buttons: S1 - programmable (GPIO connected), S2 - reset
5 - Two integrated antennas
6 - 2.45 mm pitch connector holes
7 - MINI PCIe socket