8devices Carambola is a tiny 35x45 mm, low cost, open-source and Linux friendly, easy embeddable module which allows adding extensive wireless and wired networking capabilities to any device around us in the upcoming era of the Internet things. Module can be supplied with an open source design development board which provides easy access to all Carambola Core functionality and can be a good starting point for quick time to market product development. Development board schematics, layout and BOM are published on downloads section of 8devices WEB site.


  CPU   RT3050
  Memory   8 MB Flash and 32 MB RAM
  Frequency   2.4 GHz
  Max output power   21.5 dB
  Wireless standard   802.11 bgn
  Antenna (port)   Built in chip antenna and U.FL connector option
  Power supply   3.3v single voltage, max power consumption on heavy
  duty download – 1.5 W
  4 green LED’s   Power, Ethernet0, Ethernet1, WLAN
  Size   35 by 45 mm
  Software   OpenWrt


Download Datasheet
Download Carambola development board bill of materials
Download Carambola development board schematics
Download Carambola 3D model
Download Carambola footprint